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County Election Results

Until further order of the court, voters are not required to show photo ID. The law was enjoined by a federal district court on December 31, 2019. This page will be updated if new information becomes available.

The Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all national, state, county and municipal elections.  The Board is comprised of five members. Two members are appointed from each major political party. The Governor appoints a chairperson.


The Board will have monthly meetings every 1st Thursday of each month at 5 pm at the Elections Office.  Please contact the Board of Elections office to confirm monthly Board meeting schedule.

The July 2, 2020 board meeting has been canceled.  The next regular scheduled meeting is for August 6, 2020 at 5pm.

Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm

Board Members
Courtney M. Patterson, Chairman
Ella Clarke, Secretary
Tommy Pharo, Member

Bob Patterson, Member
Lucinda Minges,Member

Steve Hines, Director
Amy Morgan, Deputy Director
Courtney Garner, Elections Specialist
Veronica Miller, Part-time Office Assistant

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Official Election Notice - 202- Primary 3-3-2020

Libertarian Party Sample Ballot
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Democratic Party Sample Ballot 2
Republican Party Sample Ballot

Sample Ballots - Can be found at SBOE Website here or they can be picked up at the Lenoir County Board of Elections.

About Us

The Board of Elections staff works year-round to prepare and conduct national, state, county, and municipal elections, in addition to special referendums. We use a paper based voting system with DS200s for tabulating the results.  Voters simply vote by filling in bubbles on the ballot and placing the ballot into the tabulator.

 We have many duties when we aren't conducting an election. Those duties include registering new voters; keeping voter registrations updated by removing deceased voters, felons, and voters who have moved from the county; keeping up with changes in election laws and regulations; and maintaining and filing reports for candidates.  

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Electoral Districts

Map Type Link
Voting District Map


If a North Carolina resident has missed the 25 day deadline for voter registration, he/she may register and vote during One-Stop Absentee Voting.

To vote during One-Stop Absentee Voting, a resident must fill out a voter registration application and prove residency by providing appropriate identification with current name and current address and valid Photo ID..  The new registrant may vote ONLY at a One-Stop Absentee Voting Site in the county of registration during One-Stop Absentee Voting and not on Election Day.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

·        A North Carolina driver’s license with current address

·        A utility bill with name and current address

Ø      A telephone or mobile phone bill
Ø      An electric or gas bill
Ø      A cable television bill
Ø      A water or sewage bill

·        A document with name and current address from a local, state, or U.S. government agency:

Ø      A passport
Ø      A government-issued photo ID
Ø      U.S. military ID
Ø      A license to hunt, fish, own a gun, etc.
Ø      A property tax bill
Ø      Automotive registration
Ø      Certified documentation of naturalization
Ø      A public housing or Social Service Agency document
Ø      A check, invoice, or letter from a government agency
Ø      A birth certificate

·        A student photo ID along with a document from the school showing the student’s name and current address.

·        A paycheck or paycheck stub from an employer or a W-2 statement

·        A bank statement or bank-issued credit card statement

Proof of residence does not include any piece of mail addressed to the voter.
If you cannot supply acceptable Proof-of-Residence, your registration form cannot be processed until the required information is provided.


Mailing Absentee Ballots
The qualified voter or the voter's near relative may request an absentee ballot in person or by written request at the Lenoir County Board of Elections office beginning fifty (50) days prior to election day. The Tuesday prior to Election day is the last day that ballots can be mailed. The voted ballot must be received in the Board of Elections office by 5:00 p.m. on Election day in order to be counted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible To Vote?
If you meet the following requirements:

  • are a citizen of the United States
  • are a resident of North Carolina and this county for 30 days before the election
  • are at least 18 years old by the next general election
  • if you have been convicted of a felony and your rights of citizenship have been restored.

How Do I Register To Vote?
You may obtain registration forms at the following locations in Lenoir County.

  • Board of Elections Office
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Social Services
  • Employment Security Commission
  • Armed Forces Recruitment Offices
  • WIC
  • Mental Health
  • High Schools
  • Libraries

Where Do I Vote?
Registered voters will be assigned a voting place within the precinct where they live. The voter will receive a voter registration card that will indicate the name and location of their voting place.

What Is Curbside Voting?
If you are unable to enter the voting place because of age or physical disability, you will be allowed to vote in your vehicle. Have someone enter the voting place and inform the election officials of your desire to vote curbside.

What If I Moved And Failed To Change My Registration?
If the voter has been moved more than 30 days they are to go to their new precinct to vote. If the voter goes to the old precinct to vote the voter will be sent to his new precinct to vote. If the voter has been moved less than 30 days they may vote at their old or new precinct.

Is Assistance Provided At The Voting Place For Disabled Voters?
A voter needing assistance must make a request to the Chief Judge at the voting place. A voter may receive assistance from a near relative or other person of the voter's choice.

How Is Near Relative Defined?
Spouse, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepparent, stepchild, or legal guardian.

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Filing For Elected Office In Lenoir County

  • Any registered voter seeking to file for office shall file a notice of candidacy with the appropriate board of elections.
  • The voter must be registered with the political party he/she is attempting to file for at least 75 days prior to the filing date.
  • Filing for City Elections is in July each odd numbered year.
  • No person may file a notice of candidacy for more than one office.
  • At the time of filing each candidate shall pay a filing fee with check or money order.

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Precinct Polling Places

Precinct Location
Kinston 1

Carver Court Recreation Room

301 E. Bright Street

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 2

Gordon Street Christian Church

118 E. Gordon St

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 3

Fairfield Recreation Center

850 Greenbriar Road

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 4

Tanglewood Church of God

2103 Rousel Road

Kinston, NC 28504

Kinston 5

Spilman Baptist Church

1900 Queens Road

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 6

Teachers' Memorial School Gym

500 Marcella Drive

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 7

St Peter Church of Christ

602 J P Harrison Blvd

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 8

Holloway Recreation Center

100 N. Myrtle Avenue

Kinston, NC 28501

Kinston 9

First Pentecostal Holiness Church

711 Phillips Rd.

Kinston, NC 28504


Hugo Free Will Baptist Church

3122 Grifton HugoRoad

Grifton, NC 28530

Falling Creek

Trinity United Methodist Church

3768 Banks School Road

Kinston,NC 28504


Institute Methodist Church

4821 Bryan-Hardy Road

LaGrange, NC 28551

Moseley Hall

La Grange Community Building

410 E. Washington St.

LaGrange, NC 28551


Lenoir County Coop-Ext

1791 NC Hwy 11-55

Kinston, NC 28504

Pink Hill 1

Bethel Baptist Church

236 Jonestown Rd

Pink HIll, NC 28572

Pink Hill 2

Pink Hill Town Hall
305 S. Central Ave

Pink Hill, NC 28572


Sandhill Volunteer Fire Station

3216 British Rd.

Kinston, NC 28501


Southwood Volunteer Fire Station

1556 NC Hwy 58 South

Kinston, NC 28501

Trent 1

Deep Run Volunteer Fire Station

3582 NC Hwy 11 South

Deep Run, NC 28525

Trent 2

Moss Hill Ruritan Building

6902 NC Hwy 55 W

Seven Springs, NC 28578


Grace Fellowship Church

327 Academy Heights Rd.

Kinston, NC 28504


Smith's New Home FWB Church
5851 US Hwy 258 South

Deep Run, NC 28525

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